Education Team

  • Identify the programs for all regular monthly meetings and the annual seminar.
  • Provide program information to the Publicity Team.
  • Provide speaker equipment requirements to the equipment setup volunteers.
  • Obtain the speaker’s handout and get copies made.
  • For general meeting speakers, get permission to post their handout for one month.
  • Maintain contact with speakers in regards to status. Have a contingency plan ready.
  • Obtain cost approval from the Board (fee, travel, lodging).
  • Arrange for speaker travel and lodging to the extent that is needed.
  • Arrange for speaker to be paid.
  • Provide water to the speaker.
  • Write thank-you note to speaker after the event.
  • Keep on hand a copy of the SRGC speaker directory to aid in finding local speakers.
‚ÄčNote: The Meetings Team may be doing some of the foregoing tasks. Its desciption is not yet finalized.