Which volunteer position best suits you?

1. What sort of person are you?
Most people are stronger in some areas than others. After determining a primary and some secondary aptitudes that best describe both your capabilities and preferences, move on to question #2 to see a list volunteer positions that may appeal to you.
You like being physically active such as stuffing envelopes, assembling things, driving to libraries to place brochures, taking pictures, doing inventories and helping set up displays.

You are ok with working by yourself on mentally challenging and potentially boring tasks. You can deal with details and complex procedures. Includes record keeping, filling out and filing forms, doing financial tasks, documenting procedures, carrying out policies and procedures and being a source of information for such.


You prefer to focus on the individual, providing both training and assistance. This requires subject area knowledge and skill. Includes showing someone how to accomplish something, answering questions and providing technical or customer support.


You live to create new things - artistic, literary or products. Includes creation of signs, brochures, journals, books, website pages, documentation and digital constructs.

You like working with people. At a meeting you can keep discussions on track. You are bit of a big-picture person who is adept at recognizing trends, changing circumstances and opportunities. You use that skill to facilitate identification of goals and to anticipate problems.
People Person

You are motivated by working with other volunteers in a social situation. Examples include sales staff, committee meetings, staffing an information table at meetings and serving in a booth at public events.


You are a details person, very procedure oriented and you excel at describing how to get from here to there without leaving out any important steps. Then add to that anticipating problems along the way and developing contingency plans.


You love providing information to a group and answering their questions. Includes teaching group classes, conducting focused training sessions, leading themed discussion groups and participating in panel discussions.


One of your biggest thrills is a new discovery, even if it is on behalf of someone else. This requires a lot of subject area knowledge, an ability to organize information plus a bit of Sherlock Holmes.


You like working with tools to accomplish an objective. This includes setting up a sytem for others to use that takes into account people’s abilities and constraints, tool limitations, data issues and SGGS organizational maturity.

2. What sort of volunteer position best suits you?
Find your primary primary aptitude below to see a list of positions that may appeal to you. Also listed for each position are other aptitudes that will also be useful.