Sacramento German Genealogy Society
SGGS is a member of the International German Genealogy Partnership which held its first international conference in 2017 at Minneapolis, Minnesota. That event was hosted by the German Genealogy Society.
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The next international conference is coming to Sacramento in 2019!
SGGS will be hosting that 2019 conference. On this page you can view SGGS' participation in IGGP which includes some of the preparation for the upcoming 2019 conference.
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Most Recent News Update (26 June 2018, 3 min. video)
January 23, 2018: 2019 Conference News
Conference Co-chair Bill Cole provides the latest news about the next year's International German Genealogy Conference taking place in Sacramento.
November 14, 2017: Volunteer Teams' Opportunities Meeting
SGGS hosted a meeting of California volunteers and potential volunteers at the Sacramento Turn Verein for an daylong briefing on the 2019 International German Genealogy Conference status, plans, organizational structure and volunteer opportunities.
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September 26, 2017:
So the German Genealogy World is coming to Sacramento ...     (9 minutes)
SGGS Vice President Bill Cole addresses IGGP 2019 conference planning and volunteer opportunities.
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Closing Remarks   (6 minutes)
SGGS Vice President Bill Cole closes the Sept. 26, 2017 SGGS meeting with some comments about the recent IGGP 2017 conference. He also reads a critique of that conference written by Der Blumenbaum Editor Shirley Riemer.
August 22, 2017:
German Genealogy Seekers Alert: How You and SGGS Just Struck Gold!   (9 min.)
First 9 minutes of a presentation by SGGS Vice President Bill Cole at our Aug. 22, 2017 general meeting. This introduction addresses the July 2017 International Germanic Genealogy Conference in Minneapolis.