Sacramento German Genealogy Society

Online Store

SGGS provides a mail order sales service for some merchandise and services.
products and publications including back issues of Der Blumenbaum
a service providing reprints of specific Der Blumenbaum pages and articles
Handshake Packet a service providing letters of introduction written in German (for members only)
Ordering and payment instructions are separately described on each page.
Ordering Tip: If you are a member and log in before placing an order using the online form, then your contact information from your member record will be automatically placed on the form.
Supplemental Payments
If you subsequently need to make a supplemental payment for merchandise and prefer to use your credit or debit card, click on the link below and fill out the presented payment form, selecting "Merchandise payment" and entering the order information into "Transaction description." Make sure you identify yourself in the event we need to contact you with questions. When you press the form's Save button you will be sent to the PayPal website which will ask for your credit or debit card. Note that having a PayPal account is not necessary.
Click here to pay using your credit or debit card
Credit and Debit Card Payments
Accepted at Meetings & Events
Beginning in 2015, SGGS began accepting credit and debit card charges at its meetings and events. Use of this service is free to the customer. This payment system can be used for merchandise, memberships and event registration.
Please note that SGGS cannot guarantee that this service will be available at any particular meeting or evebt since such is dependent on volunteers being present and their equipment being in working order. Not all credit and debit cards are accepted by Square. Click here for a list of cards accepted by Square.
Magnetic strip reader that connects to a smart-phone or tablet.