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Der Blumenbaum
SGGS holds monthly meetings at St. Mark's United Methodist Church in Sacramento County.

ends on
April 15.
Note that meal events have limited seating which
will fill up faster than the conference itself.
A message from Dr. Roger Minert:

Longtime volunteer Michael Mayer-Kielmann passed away on Dec. 9, 2018. Additional details can be found on the German Mentors page (scroll to bottom of that page).

What's New?

  • Jan. 22 Meeting – The presentation video and handout are posted in the members-only section (page "Jan 22").
  • GIACR – SGGS has just purchased six additional volumes of the Germans Immigrants in American Church Records series for donation to the Sacramento FamilySearch Library. Scroll to the bottom of this page for more information.
  • Connections Message Board – Within the next two weeks, a message board will be created on this website allowing members communicate with each other. Once it is operational, an announcement will be emailed to all members.   posted Jan 19, 2019
  • New DB Index – Shirley Riemer just completed an update to the Der Blumenbaum index, now posted on the Society Documents page in the members-only section. This new version is current to Volume 36, Number 2 (Oct. 2018).
  • The SGGS Blog – SGGS now has its own Blog! Marilyn Simleness, the new Membership Director, wanted to find a way to reach out to more of our members in an interactive way. It is in its infancy, but our new blog has great potential for growing our organization, welcoming new members, and responding to concerns or questions of our members. At first, posts will be made on a weekly basis. We hope you will take the time to check out The SGGS Blog!
  • German Mentors have Returned! – SGGS is working with the Sacramento FamilySearch Library (Eastern Ave.) to restart the Thursday afternoon German mentor program there. With one volunteer currently available, the first session occurred 1 to 4 pm Thursday Sept. 27. And repeats every 4th Thursday. Additional weeks will be added if additional mentors can be recruited.
  • German Bookshelves at the Sacramento FamilySearch Library Images of the books at that library are now posted. Photos were taken July 21, 2018.

GIACR Project

"This series is one of the most important, most professional, immigrant identification databases published in the last 100 years."
Publisher Lewis Bunker Rohrbach
Since 2005, Dr. Roger Minert and his group at Brigham Young University have been transcribing, indexing and publishing German-American church records in a series of volumes called German Immigrants in American Church Records [GIACR]. A current list is presented below. All are Protestant records.
This table will be updated as new volumes become available.       Revised: Jan. 19, 2018 rh
On the shelf
at the Sacramento
FamilySearch Library
Available for purchase
and soon to be provided by
SGGS to the Sacramento
FamilySearch Library
Future Volumes
Vol. 1:   Indiana
Vol. 2:   Wisconsin Northwest
Vol. 3:   Wisconsin Northeast
Vol. 4:   Wisconsin Southwest
Vol. 5:   Wisconsin Southeast
Vol. 6:   Nebraska
Vol. 7:   Iowa West
Vol. 8:   Iowa Northeast
Vol. 9:   Iowa Southeast
Vol. 10: Illinois North
Vol. 11: Illinois, Cook County
              and Chicago
Vol. 12: Illinois Central
Vol. 13: Illinois South
Vol. 14: Illinois St. Clair 
Vol. 15: Michigan, excluding
Vol. 16: Detroit, Part I
Vol. 17: Detroit, Part II
Vol. 18: Minnesota, North &
             South Dakota
Vol. 19: Missouri (excluding
             St. Louis city
            & county)
Vol. 20: Missouri,
             St. Louis County,
             St. Louis City I
Vol. 21: Missouri, 
             St. Louis County,
             St. Louis City II
Vol. 22: Missouri,
            St. Louis County,
            St. Louis City III
Vol. 23: Missouri,
            St. Louis County,
             St. Louis City IV
Vol. 24: Missouri,
            St. Louis County,
            St. Louis City V
Vol. 25: Missouri,
            St. Louis County,
            St. Louis City VI
May 2019:
Vol. 26: Ohio
Vol. 27: Ohio
This project has been funded by Brigham Young University and some private donors. Unfortunately, said funding has lapsed beginning 2016. So last year SGGS provided a donation to help sustain their 2016 operation and appealed to readers of Der Blumenbaum to do the same. Click here to view a thank-you from the project staff. As volumes became available, SGGS has been purchasing one of each for the Sacramento FamilySearch Library (on Eastern Ave).
For SGGS members, more information can be found on page 11 of your July 2015 issue of Der Blumenbaum. But the donation instructions in that article turned out to be incorrect. If you would like to make a personal donation to this project, mail a check payable to "Religious Education BYU" to the following address. Be sure to also mention you're donating to the GIARC project.
Prof. Roger P. Minert
Provo, UT 84602-5669
Some GIACR volumes are sold by SGGS at its meetings. Online sources follow.
Click here for Family Roots Publishing (expected to be the new supplier).

Interested in Helping SGGS?

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Upcoming Events
Feb 26
The California Great Register, and Other Poll Books
Presented by Marilyn Simleness, an SGGS and 2019 IGGC volunteer who is working on becoming a certified genealogist. SGGS will hold its Study Group at 11 am followed by the general meeting at 1 pm. For more information
Mar 26
Speaker & Topic not yet identified
SGGS will hold its Study Group at 11 am followed by the general meeting at 1 pm. Details will be posted soon.
Apr 23
Speaker & Topic not yet identified
SGGS will hold its Study Group at 11 am followed by the general meeting at 1 pm. Details will be posted soon.