Sacramento German Genealogy Society

Become a Member of SGGS !

Although SGGS' primary purpose is outreach to the genealogical public, joining SGGS as a member will provide the following additional benefits.
  • A subscription to our prize-winning journal, Der Blumenbaum
  • Emailed notifications of our monthly meetings and special events featuring speakers who will provide you with information to help with your German-related family research
  • Submission of queries (pedigree charts, online surnames page, Der Blumenbaum queries)
  • Discounted admission to our annual seminar
  • Access to the members-only section of our website.
‚ÄčSGGS membership uses an annual membership year model that runs from July 1 through June 30 of the following year. If you are a new member, when you join will determine which membership year you are purchasing (current one or the next one that begins July 1).
New members! Click here for more information about the membership year.
Membership Dues
Mail Delivery Option
Individual $30 $50
Couple $35 $55
Organization $30 $50
Dues are payable in U.S. Dollars. Non-U.S. residents please note that currency conversion is built into the online form which uses the payment service PayPal.
Three Ways to Join SGGS or Renew Your Membership
You can either purchase a new membership or renew your existing one online. Payment is processed by PayPal. Almost all credit cards but only some debit cards are accepted by PayPal. For non-U.S. residents, PayPal does currency conversion. Use of this payment service is free. If you provide an email address, you will receive an emailed receipt from both SGGS and PayPal.
Non-members: Select the New Membership Purchase menu option to begin the process.
Renewing members: Log-in using your member login name and password. Then follow the presented prompts.
By Mail
Membership form icon
1) Print out and complete the one-page membership form.
    Click here to download the membership form.
2) Make check or money order payable to "SGGS".
    All payments must be in U.S. Dollars.
3) Mail the membership form and payment to:
P.O. Box 660061
Sacramento, CA 95866-0061
At Meetings
Click on image to download brochure.
First, fill out the membership from. Use the form from the  brochure available at meetings or download one from this website. Click here to download the form.
If paying using cash, check or money order:
Provide the filled-out form plus the payment to the Membership Director who will be located behind the membership table near the meeting room's entrance.
If paying using a credit or debit card:
Selected SGGS volunteers using their personal smartphones can accept credit or debit card payments. See the Membership Director behind the membershp table. There is no charge for using your credit or debit card. Payments are processed by Square. Click here to see the payment cards accepted by Square. You will be asked for a signature. If you also provide an email address, Square will email a receipt. SGGS cannot guarantee the availability of this service since it is dependent on said volunteers being present and their equipment being in working order.
I've Just Joined. What Happens Now?
You will be able to make use of your new membership or membership renewal after it is processed by SGGS. Processing is typically completed within a few days of receipt of your membership, although volunteer vacations can occasionally stretch that to a few weeks. Click here for a list of what happens next and your follow-up options.
Questions or Requests?
If you have any questions about membership,  click here to email the Membership Director. If you would like a membership brochure mailed to you, please include your complete postal address.
Thank you for being a member of SGGS !

Membership Year
When you purchase a typical annual subscription to a magazine, your subscription renewal date occurs exactly one year after the date of your original purchase. However, most all-volunteer genealogy clubs like SGGS use the membership year method. Under a membership year plan, all members have the same membership renewal date, the one exception being if a multiple-year membership was purchased. SGGS' membership year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30 of the following year.
For existing members, membership renewal reminders for the next membership year are sent out at the same time each year – May and June. For those joining as new members, when you purchase the membership determines which membership year you will be getting – the current membership year or the next one. See the following table for details.
July 1 -
March 31
New members are purchasing the current membership year. Any previously mailed Der Blumenbaum issues will be sent to you. You will then receive all subsequent issues for the remainder of the current membership year that ends June 30.
For example:
You join on January 24. Since you are purchasing the current membership year, two previously-mailed Der Blumenbaum issues are sent to you (July and November issues). You will receive the future March Der Blumenbaum at the same time as all other members. Sometime in May you will receive a renewal reminder for the membership year beginning July 1.
April 1 -
June 30
New members are purchasing the next membership that begins July 1st. You will receive a complimentary March issue followed by all issues of Der Blumenbaum for the next membership year.
For example:
You join on May 25. You are purchasing the next membership year that begins July 1. So you will not receive a membership renewal reminder until May of next year. To keep you informed until your new membershp year begins, SGGS will mail a complimentary copy of the March Der Blumenbaum (last issue from the current membership year).
Important note for those using the online option:
Your emailed purchase confirmation will initially not include the additional year. That additional year will be manually added by the SGGS Membershp Registrar within one to several days and you will receive another emailed communication with the new membership expiration date. That is due to a current limitation in our online software.

Membership – What Happens Next?
For new members:
  1. If you provided a working email address (strongly recommended), immediately after your membership is processed you will receive an emailed, new-membership-purchase confirmation letter. That letter includes your website log-in name and password. Confirm that the other information on the letter is correct (especially your mailing address) and contact the Membership Director, if any changes are needed.
  2. Log into the members-only section of the website using your new log-in name and password. Then change the assigned default password (and log-in name, if desired). The FAQ page in the For Members Only section describes how to do this. Note that log-in names must be unique across all members.
  3. View your online member record to check that the information posted there is correct.
  4. Browse information in the For Members Only section of the website.
  5. From inside your member record, you can start entering ancestor surname information that will appear on the "Surnames Query" page in the public area of the website.
  6. Send in a pedigree chart that will be indexed and posted to the website. (See the Pedigree Chart paragraph on the Member Services page for more information.)
  7. Review the "Member Services" page in the members-only section of the website and consider making use of the member benefits described there (e.g., putting a query in the next Der Blumenbaum).
  8. Within one month of your membership being processed, you will receive a "new member" packet by postal mail. That packet includes some useful German genealogical handouts, plus any back issues of Der Blumenbaum that you are due.
  9. Once you become familiar with SGGS, please consider becoming a volunteer to help the society function. A partial list of such needs can be found on the "Help Wanted" page in the For Members Only section of the website.
For renewing members:
  1. If you provided a working email address (strongly recommended), immediately after your membership is processed you will receive an emailed membership renewal confirmation letter. Confirm that the other information on the letter is correct (especially your mailing address) and contact the Membership Director if any changes are needed.
  2. View your online member record to check that the information posted there is correct (especially if you provided contact information changes during renewal).
  3. Now is a good time ensure that your pedigree charts and surname lists are up to date.
Please note: If you renew your membership late (after June 30), you will be mailed the July Der Blumenbaum with an EXPIRED on its mailing label. But you will not receive any subsequent Der Blumenbaum journals mailed prior to your renewal. You will recieve Der Blumenbaum journals mailed after your renewal is received. If you miss an issue, you can log into the website and view it online. The reason for this is that printing has become increasingly expensive. We print a sufficient number of extra copies for new members and some future back issue sales. But we are unable to predict the number of people who renew three or more months late.
Membership Options and Upgrades:
  • Second Member of a Couple Membership – Both online and paper membership forms provide for entry of a single email address and phone number. Those are associated with the "primary" member of the two people who constitute a Couple membership, and one log-in name and password is automatically assigned. The system includes a provision for the second member of the Couple to have a separate email address, phone number and log-in name/password. If that is desired, please contact the Membership Director requesting such and providing the second person's contact information. The Membership Director will assign the second log-in name and password.
  • Upgrades – Upgrading your membership plan to a more expensive one is possible by contacting the Membership Director and paying the difference in the dues amount. Upgrading from an Individual membership plan to a Couple costs $5.
  • Seasonal Address – If you split your time between two residences and wish to receive Der Blumenbaum at the applicable residence when you are present, then contact the Member Director to set up a seasonal address. Only one seasonal address is supported. Provide the address, month of your arrival and the month you will be departing. Note that Der Blumenbaum labels are printed within one week either way of the issue date. For example, labels for the April issue may be printed either in late March or early April. And depending on which mailing method you choose and your distance from Sacramento, mailing transit time may range from a couple days to several weeks.
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