Sacramento German Genealogy Society
This website is part of SGGS' ongoing effort to improve outreach to the public and service to its members. The following table describes the contents of the page displayed by each menu option.
Home This page is displayed when you enter the website. Important announcements appear on the left side of the page and several near-term events on the right. Check this page on a regular basis since announcements will frequently change. Be sure to take advantage of any clickable links that allow you to get more information.
About SGGS Describes SGGS including its purpose, mission, meetings, activities and member benefits.
SGGS History If you are a new member, an old time member or a curious visitor, take a look at this page to find out how SGGS evolved from its humble beginnings of a monthly meeting and a one-page newsletter to what it is today. This menu option appears only if "About SGGS" was previously selected.
Website Help Displays descriptive information and instructions regarding the use of this website. This menu option appears only if "About SGGS" was previously selected.
Join SGGS If you want to join SGGS or renew your existing membership, then this page will provide everything you need to know. That includes the procedure, types of memberships, prices and a downloadable membership form.
Contact Us Provides SGGS' mailing address, phone number and e-mail address. Clicking on the "Web Contact Form" pops up a window allowing you to send an e-mailed message to SGGS.
Calendar Lists and describes SGGS meetings. Also lists local, regional, national and international genealogical events likely to appear to German genealogy researchers. Category selection is provided allowing you to list the desired type of event.
Spring Workshop Visit this page to get all the information you need about SGGS' upcoming annual workshop including program topics, schedule, activities, facility maps & diagrams, how to get there, nearby hotels and a downloadable brochure with the pre-registration form. After the event is over, check this page for a few photos of that event plus any available news about the one being planned for next year.
Useful Links Presents a categorized list of links to important German research websites, German-related website lists, libraries, genealogical societies and some websites created by SGGS members.
Useful Files Allows download of categorized posted files useful to German genealogy research.
Surnames Query If you are a member who entered your surnames and related information from within your member record, that data is now available for query through the publicly available Surnames Query page. If a member or vistior is interested in one your posted names, clicking on the envelope icon allows them send an email message to you. Even better, your entered surname data will be indexed by Internet search engines such as Google.
Under construction – to be available in the near future.
Post information, questions, queries, etc., on topic specific message boards. Receive and post replies. Posted information can be viewed by the visiting public but only logged-in members can post.
Merchandise for Sale
SGGS sells several items mail order. This page contains a price list for the items sold. Eventually this page will be linked to an online payment service, allowing you the option to pay for the item with your credit card, debit card or a money transfer.
This page displays a detailed description of each mail order item plus ordering procedure. This menu item appears only if "Merchandise for Sale" was previously selected.
For Members Only
Select this menu option and you will be presented with a fill-in login name and password fields. If you are a member, you should have previously been provided with a default user name and password.
If you have a problem logging in, press the question-mark button corresponding to the field that you suspect is the problem. Then provide the requested information. A message will be emailed to you. If that does not work out, you can send email to describing your issue and one of the SGGS website administrators will resolve the problem.
After logging in, we strongly recommend that you change both your log-in name and password. For a short description on how this is done, read the second question/answer on the FAQ page. After a successful log-in, the menu options that are listed below will appear.
Your Member Record View your membership record, change your log-in name, change your password and enter ancestor surnames. A search page for entered ancestor surnames will soon become available.
Member Services We all know about the #1 membership benefit, Der Blumenbaum. This page describes the less-known member benefits and services.
Reference Library Provides a complete list of the books and maps made available at most general meetings. This page is under construction.
German Genealogy This page presents categorized lists of German genealogical research, history and culture articles from past issues of Der Blumenbaum.  While relatively few articles are posted there at the moment, additional ones will added throughout the year.
Society Documents Posted on this page are SGGS documents and publications that may be of interest to the member. For monthly publications, the most recent twelve months are posted.
Translators Contains essentially the same list as that which appears in each Der Blumenbaum.
FAQ A list of frequently asked questions whose answers provide explanations and help in regards to SGGS procedures and processes. Expect to add many more in the future.
Help Wanted SGGS is always in need of additional volunteers. View this page for a list of the current need.
Logoff Logs you off and makes the members-only menu options disappear. If you are inactive for 15 minutes or so, the system will automatically log you off.
This is just the beginning. Throughout next year and beyond we will be adding new types of pages and improving the content of existing ones. We hope that this website will become an increasingly important part of your German genealogy toolkit.
This website is hosted by EasyNetSites. EasyNetSites provides a template-based website and online membership database. Click on the foregoing highlighted EasyNetSite name to be taken to their website. There you will see a complete list of their capabilities as well as being able to view the websites of their other customers. Two Sacramento-area genealogy clubs are already using this system, Root Cellar and Genealogical Association of Sacramento.
This new website and online membership database will provide greater benefits to SGGS members and vistors, better reliability, and requires less labor from SGGS volunteers. With this new system, we can now say that SGGS is now part of "The Cloud."